Hotel Policies


  • Pay-for-stay at check-in  (not at check-out)
  • Credit Cards accepted – Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club

Incidental Expenses Deposit

  • 500 pesos (cash only) per room.
  • Requested at check-in and refunded at check-out.


  • Regular Check-In Time is 2 pm.
  • 4:30 am to 1 pm free early check in – only possible ( IF ) there is vacant room on arrival.
  • Before 4:30 am early check-in – ( IF ) available, extra night charge.
If early check-in is (not) available, that means all rooms still occupied or being cleaned.


  • Regular Check-Out time is 12 (noon).

Check-Out time can be extended to 1 pm without charge.
Check-Out after 1 pm has a 50% late check-out charge.
Check-Out after 4 pm has an extra night charge.

  • Advisory: Your room has to be checked before you can leave.  Takes a few minutes, but may be longer if the hotel is very busy.

Child Policy

  • Only up to 2 children below 4 feet in height can stay for free (per room).
  • Advisory:  The front desk station is exactly 4 feet tall.